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New Year New Resolutions!

Yogyakarta (30/12) – Just counting the days until the year changes, of course, there will be new resolutions that must be made to achieve dreams or goals within a certain period. As explained in the book Melawan Miskin Pikiran 2 Karya Hasanudin Abdurakhman (2018), resolutions are dreams, hopes, or aspirations that one wants to achieve within a certain period. Not just an intention, the resolution also requires action so that the goal can be achieved.

Therefore, several resolution references can be an idea for you. Some of these ideas are:

1. Better time management
If last year you felt you weren’t good at managing your time, this year you need to pay more attention to time management. The trick is to record what activities will be carried out. Next, use the daily schedule that has been recorded which is equipped with a to-do list.

2. Can minimize expenses

Keeping track of expenses can also be a good resolution this year. Especially for friends who like to spend money on snacks and hanging out after school or college. Minimizing expenses can later be used for useful things.

3. Many do positive activities

Starting 2023 can be done by finding a new, more useful hobby. For example, cooking, gardening, learning foreign languages or also learning music, and other hobbies that suit the personality of all IGOVers.

4. Stop procrastinating

If in the previous year your friends still like to postpone work, then make sure this year you don’t do it anymore. Friends can start by writing down a to-do list and making a priority scale so that work can be done on time.

5. Sports

If in 2021 friends rarely exercise, then in the new year sports will be a resolution that can be done. The benefit of exercise is to increase the body’s immunity. Friends, you can start with sports such as walking for at least 30 minutes per day or exercising yourself at home following the videos on the YouTube channel.

6. Read a lot of books

Book reading activity is a good resolution also for students and students. Reporting to the LP2M page of the University of Medan Area, there are many benefits of reading books, including reducing stress, adding insight and new knowledge, improving memory quality, being able to stimulate mentally, increasing concentration, broadening one’s thinking, and so on.

So, those are some ideas from MinGov for your resolutions for 2023. Hope this is useful! (ARP)

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Recharging the New Spirit, IGOV UMY held a Monitoring and Evaluation activity for International Students

Yogyakarta (16/12) – Monitoring and Evaluation activities are mandatory so that all activities and activities continue to run according to what was just done by the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) to carry out monitoring and evaluation of international students currently studying at IGOV UMY.

At this time IGOV UMY has 4 international students with 2 exchange students from Maejo University, Thailand, and 2 full-time students from Africa. This is shown to be able to help Indonesian students to practice courage and hone their English skills. In addition, they can exchange ideas and culture from their respective countries

The monitoring and evaluation activity was held on Thursday (15/12) at IGOV’s Office. In this activity, international students shared their complaints and input so that IGOV UMY could correct existing deficiencies. This time the Monitoring and Evaluation were directly led by Sakir Ridho Wijaya, S.IP., M.IP., as the director of IGOV UMY.

Apart from conveying the grievances experienced by international students, in this activity, Mas Sakir also provided motivation and reminded them of their goals of studying at IGOV UMY “You have to remember your goal is why study at IGOV UMY, don’t waste the opportunities that already exist considering the cost issued is also not small, said Mas Sakir.

It is hoped that after monitoring and evaluation they can recharge their enthusiasm and continue to stay on the track where when they return they can make changes on an individual and national scale. (ARP)

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To Maximize Students Graduates, IGOV UMY Held a Final Year Students Meeting for Bachelor Thesis

Yogyakarta (14/11) – To help students complete their undergraduate education on time which is also an important aspect in assessing study program accreditation, the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) has just held an IGOV activity Final Year Students Meeting for Bachelor Thesis. This activity was held on Monday, 14 November 2022 which took place in Classroom 405, Postgraduate Building, UMY, and was attended by IGOV UMY Team and IGOV UMY students. As an international class, this activity needs to be carried out because the international class has procedures for submitting and working on theses that are different from regular classes.

There were several discussions in this activity such as giving directions from the director of IGOV UMY, conveying the obstacles faced by IGOV UMY students, and collecting data regarding whether students had fulfilled the administration requirements for graduation. In addition, IGOV UMY provides facilities in the form of mentors for IGOV UMY students who have difficulties in the process of working on their thesis, such as processing data, using tools that are currently a requirement in the thesis, and assisting in scientific writing.

In this activity, Mas Sakir as the director of IGOV UMY gave directions for IGOV UMY students to be able to graduate quickly while still following existing quality standards “We hope IGOV UMY students can complete their thesis quickly but still pay attention to existing quality standards”. In addition, he explained that if there is a difference with the supervisor it is normal and can be resolved “If you have a conflict or difference of opinion with your supervisor it is normal and needs to be communicated properly and can be resolved well together” said Mas Sakir. (ARP)


Tips and Tricks in Facing the Midterm Exam

Yogyakarta (9/11) – The presence of special moments where you must sit still and focus on responding to the lecturer’s questions is one of the most horrible experiences in a student’s life. Moments like this typically occur at least twice a semester, namely when the UTS and UAS exams for the midterm and final semesters, respectively, are given. For those of you who have just started college, you should be aware that UTS is typically held in the middle of the semester, while UAS is typically held at the end. In any case, the Mid-Semester Exam (UTS) proved to be quite dangerous for students. How come?

The Mid-Semester Examination (UTS), even though it takes place in the middle of the semester, has a significant impact on your Achievement Index in the future. You must, of course, prepare yourself as much as you can to later be able to easily complete the questions for the lecturer’s Mid-Semester Examination (UTS). Many current students as well as new students experience severe panic attacks right before the Mid-Semester Examination (UTS). This is because they are afraid that they won’t be able to answer the questions on the Mid-Semester Examination (UTS) correctly and completely.

The Mid-Semester Examination (UTS) is a great opportunity to assess how well you have learned the science material that has been taught in class. On this occasion, MinGov will try to help by offering some advice for managing the college UTS so that you can run the Mid-Semester Exam (UTS) as well as possible. check it out!

1. Study
Studying is necessary if you hope to succeed when dealing with UTS. Use the overnight racing system (SKS) sparingly and don’t just rely on luck, you know! Since there are many UTS materials that you have never read or do not understand, you can imagine if the study time only includes one night before the UTS implementation. Even though you read the material all night, you are exhausted the next day, making it difficult for you to concentrate on the UTS questions. Therefore, you must prepare in advance to understand any materials that may be released during UTS.

2. Establish a timetable.
Utilize effective time management to make studying while facing UTS as easy as possible. The ability to balance studying, playing, and other daily activities are necessary. For instance, finish the tasks and agenda before UTS so you can divide your time fairly before you play games or hang out with your friends.

3. Look after your health
Many students typically feel exhausted the night before UTS because they worked too hard to prepare for a passing UTS score. But even if you put in all the effort—from studying to regularly completing practice questions—if your health isn’t in good shape, you won’t be able to answer the UTS questions accurately. To maintain good health and be in top physical condition to face UTS, eat healthful foods, take vitamins, and exercise frequently.

4. Write Brief Notes
You should be aware that the purpose of this tiny note is not to cheat, but rather to help you remember the information more easily, particularly from the grid that your lecturer provides for each of the courses you are enrolled in. Typically, students will find it simpler to remember, especially with the system of having the lecturer’s material rewritten. At the very least, you will recall and comprehend the writing points that you made from the source material.

5. Pray
The most significant action you can take after all your previous efforts is to pray. Don’t forget to pray to God Almighty after you have put all your effort into being well-prepared for UTS so that you will have the confidence to face UTS.


IP UMY Held Annual Work Meeting 2022/2023 to Improve Academic Performance

Yogyakarta (1/9) To improve educational performance, IP UMY again held the 2022/2023 Annual Work Meeting (RKT) on Tuesday (30/8). Head of the UMY Government Science Study Program, Dr. Tunjung Sulaksono, M.Sc., and Secretary of the UMY Government Science Study Program, Muhammad Eko Atmojo, S.IP.M.IP., and Secretary of the International Program for Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) UMY presented this event. The event, held at the Rayz UMM Hotel Malang, was also attended by UMY Government Science Study Program Lecturers and Staff.

This RKT contains several discussions, including monitoring and evaluating educational performance during the 2021/2022 academic year, strategic plans for the 2022/2023 academic year, implementing the Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) curriculum, ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN–QA), and Foundation For International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA). On the agenda of the RKT was also the discussion of curricular homogeneity across the Government Science Study Program (IP), the Government Science Masters Program (MIP), and the UMY Government Science Doctoral Program (PDIP).

The Strategy Performance Index (IKS) and publication metrics in national, international, or proceedings journals were also discussed in the RKT IP UMY. In the meantime, the learning plan for the 2022/2023 academic year will be implemented offline in compliance with the Academic Calendar Rector’s Decree. This time around, RKT also has a strategic plan consisting of optimizing service partnerships with the University of Muhammadiyah Sinjai and IUGM Palembang under the supervision of PKKM. (ARP)