IGOV UMY held a matriculation activity with the topic English and Abroad: Deal with English, then leave Indonesia

Yogyakarta (26/11) – As an International Program that has differences from regular programs, of course, there must be a similar perception and mindset for students so that they get an overview of the activities and obstacles they have to face when carrying out activities as International Program students. Therefore, the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) held a matriculation activity which has become an annual agenda that must be carried out.

The activity was held on Saturday (26/11) which took place in Pulesari Tourism Village, Sleman. This activity is intended for new IGOV UMY students so they can find out what they will face at IGOV UMY and the importance of being able to master languages ​​other than Indonesian. This goes straight with the topic used in this year’s matriculation activity, namely, English and Abroad: Deal with English, then leave Indonesia. This topic is used so that new IGOV UMY students can adapt and accept that currently, the use of English is very important to increase their value.

In addition, IGOV UMY invited a speaker and IGOV UMY Batch 2015 alumni, Mia Rosmiati, S.IP., to share her experience of how Mba Mia came from a small village with inadequate facilities to learn English and had to enter IGOV UMY who must use English in learning activities until becoming an English mentor. In the sharing activity, Mba Mia advised that don’t make language an obstacle for you to build relationships, make it a link so you get to know more people.

“Language is not to take you somewhere, but language can make those who don’t know you to become know you,” said Mba Mia. (ARP)