SOG UUM Invites IGOV UMY to Be Panelists in Intellectual Discourse

Malaysia (12/1) – The Intellectual Discourse SOG Inbound Mobility Program was held by the School of Government, Universiti Utara Malaysia (SOG UUM).This event was held at UUM’s Cluster 6/25 Lecture Council. This event invited various Panelists from Indonesia and Malaysia. From Indonesia, SOG UUM invited Prof. Dr. Dyah Mutiarin, who is a representative from Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University (UMY), ASSOC. Prof. Dr. H. Rahyunir Rauf, M.Si and Dr. Fitrisia Munir from Riau Islamic University (UIR). Meanwhile, from Malaysia SOG UUM invited lecturers from SOG UUM, namely Dr. Muslimin Wallang. This event was moderated by Dr. Vally A/P Senasi from SOG UUM.


This event went very well. Students from SOG UUM listened enthusiastically, especially with the material that Prof. Dr. Dyah Mutiarin presented Indonesian Digital Transformation: Between Technology, Governments and Public Services. Prof. Dr. Dyah Mutiarin explained that there are 3 processes in building a digital service system, namely, Analog Government – E-Government – Digital Government. Indonesia is in the process of transitioning to digital government.Of course, Indonesia is already implementing e-government. The basic difference between E-Government and Digital Government lies in the use of technology used by ASN in public services. E-Government focuses on digitizing all services and information so that it can be easily accessed by Indonesian people, while Digital Government can be implemented if there are adequate human resources so that it can be implemented in Indonesia. As a result, in public services, it has been done with a structured system and a clear system.

Prof. Dr. Dyah Mutiarin Said that Indonesia is currently in the process of moving towards Digital Government, this is expected to increase efficiency, convenience, and better accessibility in public services. Apart from that, to realize good government, transparency is needed. Therefore, Digital Government must be implemented in Indonesia


Creating a Short Mobility Program, IGOV UMY invited SOG UUM to Collaborate.

Malaysia (11/1) The Exchange Program is mandatory for international class students at Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University, including IGOV UMY. IGOV UMY facilitates student exchange programs with several destination countries both in Europe and Asia.
The Short Mobility Program is a collaboration implemented between IGOV UMY and the School of Government Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Held for 7 days at UUM from January 9–15, 2023, and will be resumed in March 2023 at IGOV UMY. This program focuses on academic activities and some non-academic activities. This program is a step taken by IGOV UMY to facilitate the Exchange Substitute Program for students who have never done an exchange before. This is done considering that exchange is something that must be carried out for international class students.

The trip to Malaysia was taken by plane on 9/1 from New Yogyakarta International Airport, the first flight was Yogyakarta-Kuala Lumpur, then Kuala Lumpur-Kedah. The reception by UUM was very good, they picked up the group from UMY at Alor Setar airport. After arriving at UUM, the first building to visit was Anjung Guest (UUM Museum). In the Guest Pavilion, it is explained regarding the history of UUM, UUM’s business entities, etc.


Visit KPU DIY; IGOV UMY held a Substitute KKL

Yogyakarta (10/1) IGOV UMY has now implemented an Outcome Based Education (OBE) curriculum which places student learning not only based on theory, but also on practicum in government institutions. Students are required to attend Field Work Lectures (KKL) at the local government to study the implementation of the theory they have learned in lectures. KKL is expected to open opportunities for students to interact directly with government practitioners regarding the implementation of government policies, programs, and activities.
Because this KKL is mandatory for every IGOV UMY student,  IGOV UMY is holding a collective KKL for all IGOV UMY students batch 2020 and 2021. This collective KKL will be held on Monday, January 15, 2023, with the aim of going to Bali. In this KKL program, they will visit several places in Bali, such as Bali Bappeda, Bali KPU, Bali BPKAD, and Bali DPRD. Students who are unable to join the KKL in Bali may be permitted to join the Substitute KKL.
Substitute KKL can be implemented in Yogyakarta following the directions of the advisor. The DIY Election Commission was visited by the Election Governance Course with Dr. Phil Ridho Al-Hamdi, MA as a Lecturer. This Substitute KKL will be held on Tuesday, 10th of January 2023 00.30 PM-03.00 PM. By wearing a collared shirt and alma mater, when at the KPU it was explained about the duties of the KPU, that the KPU’s task was not only when the election was going to be held, but 2-3 years before the election, with the aim of collecting voter data. (FLT)


Felicidades! , Gumesa finished first in the international Silat Competition.

Bandung (8/1) The Bandung Lautan Api International Championship 4 will be held at the ITB Jatinangor Futsal Sports Hall, Sumedang City, West Java, from Friday to Sunday, January 06–8, 2023. This championship involves all classes and all categories, starting from kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, and student or adult. Participants come from Pencak Silat colleges, both from domestic and foreign schools and associations or universities, with healthy and prime physical and mental conditions. The height, weight, and age of the participants will be the committee’s reference in the championship criteria.


Gumesa Rahma Jati, a representative from IGOV UMY Batch 2021, managed to bring home a gold medal in the championship. participated in the championship in the category of women’s B class (50–55 kg). Playing twice, in the preliminary phase against Salsa I Ajwa Aulia from Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi and in the final against I Ketut Sri Rahayu from Marwadewa University, Gumesa managed to beat both of them by outperforming his opponent in points.

“In the first match, I almost lost because I overslept in the waiting room.” Luckily, I was still able to win even with a thin score. After making sure of the E Finals, I slapped myself on the cheek so that I would feel fresher and fitter. “After that, I focused on the final match,” said Gumesa. (FLT)


IGOV Invites DPR RI Expert Staff to get to know Yogyakarta Culture.

Yogyakarta (7/1) Jogja, as a “city of culture,” has various cultures. This is one of the reason why many foreign and local tourists feel at home living in Jogja for a long time, including expert staff at the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR-RI) in the field of law, Farida Azzahra, S.H., M.H. After holding a Praktisi Mengajar lecture, Farida toured the city of Yogyakarta with the staff and director of IGOV UMY. Besides Farida, there is also Ardian Prabowo, Public Policy Analysis of the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas).

The first agenda was breakfast at Kopi Klotok in Kec. Pakem, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. Kopi Klotok sells several specialties, such as Sayur Lodeh, Sayur Asem, Fried Bananas, and Kopi Klotok. Farida and Ardian admitted that they were very excited because it was rare to find a restaurant with a menu like this in Jakarta.
“Food like this, are already hard to find in Jakarta; if you want, we can make it ourselves, But in Jogja, there are still many people who sell food like this, and the restaurants are very busy. We have to wait an hour to queue,” said Farida.


After breakfast, they continued their trip to the Lava Tour using a Jeep. They went to Watu Alien, the Sisa Hartaku Merapi Museum, and the Merapi River. The Jeep trip was very exciting because it was the first experience for Farida and Ardian. “Usually when we go to the mountains, we go camping, hiking, or healing, but now we get to use Jeeps, and it’s really fun because this is our first experience,” said Ardian (FLT).


In giving insightful experience, IGOV UMY invites professional from the DPR-RI.

Yogyakarta (5/1) Praktisi Mengajar is a program established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of Indonesia so that graduates are better prepared to work. This program encourages collaboration between expert and lecturers to create in-depth and meaningful exchange of knowledge and expertise between academicians and professionals. This collaboration is carried out in courses delivered in classrooms both offline and online.

The Praktisi Mengajar implemented by IGOV UMY is a collaboration carried out by Sakir Ridho Wijaya, S.IP., M.IP as the director of IGOV with Farida Azzahra, S.H., M.H. as the expert staff in Law for the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia RI. She is in charge of Indonesian Language Class (Scientific Writing Techniques) for IGOV students in 2022.

On January 5, 2022, the class was held offline at the Laboratory of Government Science Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. At class, each student consults regarding the substance and technique of writing scientific articles including background, literature review, and conclusions. The results of the consultation used for improving articles, which will later be submitted to the national journal portal or compiled it into a book. (FLT)


IGOV UMY Goes to SMA N 1 Bambanglipuro

Yogyakarta (2/1) Education must be introduced to the nation’s generation at a young age. One that has an obligation to introduce itself to students is higher education, where, with accurate information about tertiary institutions, students will get quality educational services. This is one way to open the horizons of thinking for the youth of this nation, because education is very important for the life of the nation and state. none other than the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration at the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY), which has an obligation to introduce itself to all students in Indonesia.


IGOV UMY is represented by Fadhilla Septiyaning, IGOV student class of 2020. Introducing IGOV UMY through a campus promotion at SMA N-1 Bambanglipuro in collaboration with Admission The purpose of this program is to provide knowledge to students about the advantages of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University and the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration and to provide an overview of quality PTS.


The responses were varied. Students at SMA N 1 Bambanglipuro asked about partner campuses for student exchange destinations, living costs, and cultural differences between Indonesia and student exchange destination countries. As Fadhilla Septyaning said, “The students enthusiastically listened to my explanation; some of them asked about the destination countries for student exchanges, how much it costs to live abroad, and how the culture is different from Indonesia.” (FLT)

lkpp igov

Procurement Transformation for Prosperity, IGOV UMY Invites the Head of LKPP RI at the Public Lecture Event

Yogyakarta (28/12) – The International Program of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY), again held a public lecture entitled “Pengadaan Barang dan Jasa Pemerintahan”

The activity was held on Wednesday (28/12) and took place in the Main Meeting Room, Ar. Fachrudin A Building , UMY. The activity which was held offline invited 2 speakers, Kepala Lembaga Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah (LKPP) Dr. H. Hendrar Prihadi, S.E., M.M, and Kepala Pusat Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Pengadaan Barang dan Jasa Ir. Hardi Afriansyah, M.Si.


Hendrar, who is also the former mayor of Semarang for the period 17 February 2016 – 10 October 2022, presented material on “Transformasi Pengadaan Untuk Kesejahteraan”. he explained that Indonesia’s state procurement focuses on the direction of the president of the Republic of Indonesia which uses goods from within the country, increases the portion of MSMEs and ensures transparency and efficiency in the use of government spending.

Furthermore, the material delivery activity was delivered by Hardi regarding “Tata Kelola Pengadaan B/J Sesuai Dengan Peraturan Presiden Nomor 16 Tahun 2018 Dan Peraturan Presiden Nomor 12 Tahun 2021”


This Public Lecture is certainly a great opportunity for students to learn directly from experts regarding Government Procurement of Goods and Services. This was revealed by Awang Rajaprakoso Purnomo as an IGOV UMY student.

“This Public Lecture is a big opportunity for us because IGOV directly invites the head of LKPP to provide practical insight and knowledge about PBJ in Government,” he said. (ARP


Should Youth Participate in Public Policy Making?

Yogyakarta (26/12) – Youth is Indonesian citizens who are entering an important period of growth and development aged 16 to.d. 30 years (Ps 1 number 1 UU 40/2009). Based on the results of the 2019 National Socioeconomic Survey (Susenas), the estimated number of youth is 64.19 million people, equivalent to a quarter of Indonesia’s total population. One of the roles of youth is the Agent of Change, as a driving force for a better change for themselves and the environment. To carry out this function, one of the activities that can be carried out is to participate in making public policies.

The existence of youth-based public policies can reduce the gap between youth and society, through the involvement of youth in every aspect of social life. Youth who can reach their potential and are active in society can contribute to the success of world goals, one of which is the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, youth needs to participate in making public policies and politics.

However, not to prioritize personal interests in wealth and throne but as an Agent of Change in bringing real societal interests. This was also conveyed by journalist and presenter Najwa Shihab who was interviewed by Kompas.com in the Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) New Student Orientation (OMB) series.

“So it is important to continue to involve young people in various important decisions and matters in this country, including political matters which solely, in my opinion, should not be seen as elite contestation. But politics as an everyday matter is indeed important for formulating various public policies. (ARP)




Entering the Collaboration Era, IGOV UMY visited Narasi.Tv

Yogyakarta (22/12) – Collaboration across government agencies and industry plays an important role in improving the quality of education graduates in the digital era. Therefore, the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) has just conducted a visit to Narasi.TV which was held on Wednesday (21/12) at Intiland Tower, Jakarta.


This activity is an opportunity to open cross-agency collaboration in improving the quality of graduates which is needed in the current era, the era of collaboration.

“This visit is an opportunity to open collaboration in improving the quality of IGOV UMY students in preparing quality graduates,” said Sakir Ridho Wijaya, S.IP., M.IP., as the Director of IGOV UMY


Through this, Narasi. Tv represented by Dahlia Citra Buana (Chief of Ecosystem), Ryggie Phillip (Strategic Partnership), Yuanita Theodora (UP of Business), Iqbal Tawakal (Lead Partnership), and, Ghinar Pranogo (Head sales) welcomed both the intent and purpose to improve collaborative development of student competencies.

Some of the discussions on this visit included opportunities for collaboration in developing student competence, discussion of IGOV UMY’s social media as media branding, and collaboration in creating events. Furthermore, IGOV UMY and Narasi will provide Custom Classes for IGOV UMY students in developing competencies in how to manage social media, design social media & website displays, content creation, events, etc.

In addition, Citra said that she was very happy to collaborate and was waiting for follow-ups from this visit. “I am very happy to meet friends from college because Narasi is built from the pillars of collaboration and the most important pillar of collaboration is with friends from college” (ARP)