Trisakti University Visits IP UMY to Do Benchmarking

Yogyakarta (5/9) – Benchmarking is a comparison study conducted by an organization concerning other organizations that are deemed successful and can serve as examples of particular accomplishments. Benchmarking enables a business to understand the preparation and specific processes that serve as the foundation for constructing planned goals. Comparable to the ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) certification benchmarking done by the Universitas Trisakti Law Study Program on Governmental Sciences at UMY (IP UMY).

Universitas Trisakti’s Law Studies Program chose IP UMY as a benchmarking destination since IP UMY is one of the study programs to have gained AUN-QA accreditation since 2021. IP UMY also received the “Adequate as Expected” designation in the AUN-QA certification, indicating that IP UMY is competent according to the AUN-QA requirement.

This benchmarking was conducted offline on Friday, 9 March 2022 in the Fisipol UMY Meeting Room in the presence of Trisakti University Legal Studies Program officials. Head of the UMY Government Science Study Program, Dr. Tunjung Sulaksono, S.IP., M.Sc., and Secretary of the UMY Government Science Study Program, Muhammad Eko Atmojo, S.IP., M.IP., welcomed this benchmarking. Dr. Takdir Ali Mukti, M.Sc., Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisipol) UMY, and Dr. Titin Purwaningsih, S.IP., M.Sc., lecturer in the UMY Government Science Study Program and former Dean of Fisipol UMY, also attended the event.

This benchmarking is anticipated to serve as a forum for the exchange of knowledge regarding the components that the Trisakti University Law Study Program must prepare for AUN-QA certification.(ARP)