The Director of IGOV UMY Accompanies the Feasibility Verification of the 2022 PKKM Proposal

Tangerang (29/6) – Director of the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY), Sakir Ridho Wijaya, S.IP., M.IP. has just been entrusted by UMY to assist the Verification of Feasibility of the PKKM Proposal for 2022-Batch III, which was held from Monday to Wednesday, 27-29 June 2022 at the Novotel Hotel Tangerang. UMY should be proud because 2 study programs have won the trust to receive grants from PK-KM 2022. The two study programs include 1) Agribusiness Study Program and 2) Agrotechnology Study Program.

The activity was attended directly by Sakir Ridho Wijaya, SIP., M.IP as the Implementing Coordinator of PKKM UMY, Ir. Indira Prabasari, Ph.D. as Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture UMY, Dr. Ir. Lis Nur Aini, M.Sc. as Head of Agrotechnology Study Program at UMY and Zuhud Rozaki, Ph.D. as Head of Agribusiness Study Program at UMY. The Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) appoints 3 Verifiers to provide input and suggestions for improvements to several activities that have been carried out so that the implementation of activities is expected to run optimally.

From these activities, UMY succeeded in absorbing 99% of the 3.5 billion grant funds, which is undoubtedly worth appreciating because it took a long and arduous process to qualify and was given the mandate to manage the budget which was divided into 3 interests, namely for the quality of student graduates, quality lecturers, and the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) learning model. Mas Sakir as the implementing Coordinator of PKKM UMY and as the supervisor of PKKM UMY in 2022 hopes that the two Study Programs that pass can carry out their mandate as well as possible to manage the grant funds given.

“It is hoped that the two Study Programs that pass can be responsible for the grant funds given because it will be very high if they cannot manage the grant funds given considering the long and arduous process to get the trust to be funded by PKKM,” said Mas Sakir. (ARP)

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