The Director of the UMY IGOV Study Program became the coordinator of Kampus Mengajar

Yogyakarta (8/6) – The Educational Development Institute of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (LPP UMY) carried out a socialization activity for the 4th Class of Teaching Campus (Kampus Mengajar) which was held by the Kampus Merdeka. This activity took place online via Zoom and Youtube on Wednesday (8/6). As a campus that has collaborated with an independent campus, UMY is very enthusiastic to encourage its students to take part in the program from the independent campus, namely the Teaching Campus.
The socialization activity was attended by Endro Dwi Hatmanto Ph.D. as the Head of LPP UMY, Prof. Dr. Dyah Mutiarin, M.Si. as Head of LRI & Director of PKKM UMY, Asri A Putri, S.Sos., M.Sc. as the Head of the Teaching Campus Program(Program Kampus Mengajar), Sakir Ridho Wijaya, S.IP., M.IP. as the Coordinator of the UMY Teaching Campus (Kampus Mengajar UMY and enthusiastic UMY students who want to join the teaching campus.
This event aims to provide education and information for Lecturers and Students regarding the terms and conditions of participating in the teaching campus program, the outcomes of attending the Teaching Campus, program timelines, benefits obtained by students, lecturers, and universities, etc.
The 4th Class Teaching Campus program(Program Kampus Mengajar) experienced different policies from the previous batch, such as the requirement for an accredited university to be removed, students to be assigned near the student’s domicile area, student activity schedules were set from the start, intervention in inclusive schools and the university coordinator would receive briefings to make it more efficient. ready with the Campus Teaching program.
As a student, participating in campus teaching (Kampus Mengajar) activities is one activity that has many benefits and can be felt by students, namely, being an agent of change for education in Indonesia, being a teacher partner to innovate in learning, honing Soft Skills and Hard Skills skills, helping with living expenses and tuition fees, and get recognition of learning outcomes of 20 credits.
UMY Teaching Campus Coordinator, Sakir Ridho Wijaya, S.IP., M.IP. conveyed that the socialization of the Teaching Campus program was expected to increase student enthusiasm for participating in the Teaching Campus program.
“With the Campus Teaching socialization, it is hoped that it will increase enthusiasm and no longer hesitate to join the Teaching Campus because according to the explanation by the Teaching Campus team, there are many benefits that students get when participating in the Teaching Campus program,” said Mas Sakir. (ARP)

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