The Governmental Sciences Departement Monitored and Evaluated the Lecturers who are Studying Further Education

Yogyakarta – (26/10)  UMY Governmental Sciences department monitored and evaluated the lecturers who are currently studying at other higher education institutions through a blended system. The lecturers could participate through online or offline monitoring and evaluation. The offline activity was held in the Governmental Sciences Laboratory and was attended by the Head and the Secretary of the Department.
There are seven lecturers from the Governmental Sciences Department 2020/2021 who are currently studying further education. One lecturer in a university in Finland, another lecturer in Germany, and the other five lecturers are studying in Indonesia.
As the Head of the Department, Dr. Tunjung Sulaksono, S.IP., M.Si explained that monitoring and evaluation is one of the efforts to watch the progress of the lecturer’s studies. “The lecturers would be requested to explain and describe their progress in their study, we will also ask their targets and their difficulties regarding their study. Whether academically or non-academically,” he explained the monitoring and evaluation process in general.
He also explained that the monitoring and evaluation could provide resolution for difficulties that might be faced by the studying lecturers. If the difficulties come from within the department’s scope, the department will try to find the solution with its privilege. However, if the difficulties are external, the department will deliver it and coordinate it with the units in faculty or university to find the solution. “The Governmental Sciences lecturers have a responsibility to accompany, facilitate, and motivate the lecturers who are studying in higher education institutions so they can finish on time,” get added.
One of the lecturers who study abroad is Rijal Ramdani as a Ph.D. student at the University of Eastern Finland who appreciated the monitoring and evaluation done regularly every semester. He stated that it is a good attempt to understand the progress and activities of the studying lecturers. He also hoped that the research issues and study’s support are also discussed during the monitoring and evaluation process.
“I hope this Monev is not only about sharing our experiences here, but also discussed the ways that can be done to help the lecturers who are undertaking a doctorate degree studies to finish their study soon,” said him.
The head of the department also hoped that the monitoring can always be done regularly per semester so the lecturers can be motivated to finish their studies on time, also to make an early identification for any difficulties and disruption in the lecturer’s studies to get a solution sooner.

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