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The IGOV Team of UMY had a Heartfelt Reunion with the Alumni

Yogyakarta (7/10). At 19.00 Western Indonesia Timezone, the IGOV team held an online reunion with IGOV alumni via zoom to discuss the future of IGOV. The participants collaborated to create some suggestions and input for IGOV. The event was opened by  Sakir Ridho Wijaya S.IP,. M.IP. as Director of IGOV.

Aside from a heartfelt reunion, this event was also utilized as a place for alumni to give aspiration for the sake of a better future for the IGOV Team. Though the main purpose of this activity is to get to know each other and close the gap between the alumni and the IGOV Team.

As alumni of IGOV UMY 2013, Adibah Dhivani Gusmi was very happy with the reunion. “This event brings alumni closer to the IGOV Team and to the juniors who are still studying at IGOV. The event could be a place to share information and competencies,” Adibah stated. She also gave suggestions for her juniors at IGOV, “Don’t be a passive student, look for activities and expand your skills. They are the main weapon in the professional world.”
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