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The Importance of Election Education for Young Voters of FISIPOL Lecturers collaborated with KPU D.I.Y to Hold Training

Yogyakarta (19/2) – To educate the younger generation about the General Election (Election), Lecturer of Government Science and Lecturer of Communication Science, Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik (FISIPOL) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta(UMY) collaborated to conduct an education of young voters that began on Tuesday (15/02) at the Amphitheater of Kh Building. Ibrahim E6. This agenda is a collection of scientific research initiatives funded by the Kemenristekdikti MBKM Grant and worked on by Dr. Phill. Ridho Al-Hamdi, MA, and Nur Sofyan, M.I.Kom. The February 15-17 workshop, dubbed “Pendidikan Pemilih Pemula (Pelajar Bertanya, Pemilu Menjawab)” also collaborated with the Komisi Pemilihan Umum DIY (KPU) and Pusat Studi untuk Demokrasi, Pemilu dan Partai Politik (PUSDEPPOL) by targeting 43 D.I.Y students as participants

Public participation in future elections will undoubtedly differ from the previous year, with one of the factors being an increase in young voters in Elections in Indonesia, which should be of special concern to election organizers, political parties, and academics.
The selection of the theme concerning Beginner Voter Education has a very essential background considering the various surges of Beginner Voters that must be matched with proper Election Education. As a result, knowledge about young voters is not confined to students specializing in social and political studies, but all students must be well-versed in elections and democracy.
Although the batch one program has concluded, the activities are not ended. Mr. Ridho and Tim will detail the outcomes of this endeavor in scholarly papers that will be published in the Journal of Reputable (Jurnal Bereputasi).
Not only that, but students can also intern with MBKM at the KPU DIY, which can be translated into 20 credits. There were two Government Science students and three Communication Science students that took part in the internship. (ARP)

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