The Importance of International Exposure for Students

Yogyakarta (5/8) – Today, hard skills are not sufficient to obtain employment. Especially now that the era of the 4.0 industrial revolution has arrived. Many jobs will be lost and replaced by new sorts of work in that era. This implies that workers must be capable of adapting to these changes. According to an article on the website of the World Economic Forum, to adapt to industry 4.0, one must have strong soft skills. Therefore, as the future of Indonesian manufacturing, the millennial generation must also develop their soft skills. One method to accomplish this is through overseas experience.

According to Oliver Watson, chief board director of Michael Page, the company significantly values foreign experience. This is because personnel with greater expertise and awareness of diverse cultures may help organizations increase their worldwide reach.

According to gvi.co.uk, there are three reasons why millennials should gain international experience.

An advantage of international experience is the chance to learn more about oneself, including one’s strengths and flaws. The experience can also aid in identifying objectives, desires, and desired accomplishments.

Professional career progression
Professional career development is no longer restricted to on-the-job training and experience. Additionally, the experience of connecting with others might aid in the development of a professional career. During gap years, activities may include, for example, voluntary work and internships with domestic and/or international companies. Each of these experiences can cultivate soft skills that are extremely valuable in any profession, including communication, empathy, leadership, flexibility, and critical thinking.

Find your ardor
International experience can help bring out your individuality and enthusiasm, which can then be applied to your way of life. A person with international experience is also more prepared for the future due to his enhanced experience.

Education abroad is no longer required to acquire international experience. Numerous majors in Indonesia incorporate an international experience into their curriculum. International Program in Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta is one of them (IGOV UMY).

IGOV UMY is an International class from the UMY Government Science Study Program (Prodi IP UMY) that promotes internationalization for its students, with facilities and programs that enable IGOV UMY students to compete in the national and international workplace. By engaging in more international experiences, it is anticipated that students would be able to hone their soft skills, get more knowledge, and be prepared for industrial revolution 4.0. (ARP)

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