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The Lecturers of the Governmental Studies Department Held a Workshop to Design the Lecturer’s Lesson Planning

Yogyakarta – The Governmental Studies department held a workshop for two days from Saturday 30th October until Sunday 31st October 2021 at the Puri Persada Kaliurang to design the Lesson Planning and also to improve the curriculum of the Governmental Studies Department during the 2021’s academic year.

The event was attended by all lecturers of the Governmental Studies Department of UMY to discuss and evaluate the curriculum. The event is regularly held once in four years in order to update the current curriculum. The update is needed so the curriculum can follow the global dynamics and able to equip the students with competency and excellence to compete in the professional world.
Dr. Tunjung Sulaksono S.IP., M.Si. as the head of the Governmental Studies Department stated through a written interview, “the curriculum plenary meeting is very important for the department because the curriculum is the main guide in conducting lectures and its also an illustration of the learning process in the department. The curriculum’s structure contains the list of courses taught in the department, along with the credits, as well as the distribution of these courses in the department in each semester that will be taken by the students until they graduate from college. That also includes the preparation of final assignments that must be carried out by them”
In addition, the Semester Learning Plan (RPS) has also become the focus of the meeting. RPS is broadly structured as a reference for lecturers in delivering lectures in one semester and also includes learning methods that contain an assessment scheme as the basis for lecturers in assessing students.As a lecturer, Dr. Dian Eka Rahmawati. S.IP., M.Si. is also in line with conveying the implications of the curriculum and supporting tools that not only by looking at the views of the lecturers in formulating and evaluating the curriculum, but also other aspects as well.
“Evaluation and preparation of the Governmental Studies department’s curriculum are carried out by taking into account tracer study data, FGDs with users, alumni, experts, Government Science associations, international certification and accreditation institutions, conducting a SWOT analysis, and following applicable regulations. In accordance with current regulations, the revision of the Governmental Studies department’s curriculum refers to the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) curriculum which contains the Independent Learning Campus (MBKM) curriculum,” she stated.
The event was held not only thinking about students’ curriculum during 4 years of study but also preparing the compliance of students of the professional world. Through this workshop, the Head of Governmental Studies department hopes that through this activity, he can present up-to-date courses and provide qualified knowledge while mastering the use of information, especially big data,  for government management.
Mrs. Dian as one of the attending lecturers also stated her hope, “I hope the RPS can be implemented well in the next semester. And immediately followed by the next activity, the Workshop on Preparation of Teaching Materials based on Research Results and Lecturer Service, as a form of sharpening courses based on case methods and team-based learning”


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