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The Oldest Agriculture Institution in Thailand

Yogyakarta (16/2) – Maejo University (MJU.) in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, is the country’s oldest agricultural institution. Founded in 1934 as the Northern Agricultural Teachers Training School, it was reformed and renamed numerous times before becoming a full-fledged public university in 1996, and has been known as Maejo University since then.
MJU and the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration have a good relationship such as, IGOV and MJU have been working together since 2015 and the form of cooperation from both parties is like staff and student exchange, currently, IGOV sends 10 students for Student Exchange to MJU. In addition, IGOV and MJU cooperate in the form of research collaboration. Furthermore, one of the lecturers at MJU is often a guest for one of the programs at IGOV, namely visiting professor Abroad. (ARP)

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