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The Reason why Modou Love Fasting During Ramadhan in Indonesia

Yogyakarta (13/4) – The holy month of Ramadan is the month awaited by every Muslim around the world, this is where our faith and devotion are tested to resist lust. For every Muslim, when the holy month of Ramadan is a moment where family closeness is felt, small things like breaking fast with family are of the small moments which become a joy that can be felt during the month of Ramadan. One of our friends, Modou Lamin Juwara, a student of the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) batch 2020 from the Gambia, Africa must experience fasting in another country and away from family.
According to him, fasting in Indonesia and the Gambia has a lot of differences even though the obligation as a Muslim is the same, he continues to carry out such as praying the 5 times, holding back lust, and holding back hunger until it is time to break the fast. He also said that breaking the fast in Indonesia is faster, unlike in the Gambia where the iftar time is 19:45. “In Indonesia, people iftar at 17:45 while the Gambia is 19:30. So fasting in Indonesia is nice because u don’t have to wait for a long time.” In the Gambia, you don’t have to worry about cooking iftar because there is always a special one to cook for the whole family then everyone eats together.
Furthermore, Modou said that there is one thing why he likes fasting in Indonesia, namely hospitality and mutual assistance to Indonesians. “One thing I love about fasting in Indonesia is the act of kindness and support within the month of Ramadan. Even the poor are supported and feel okay when it comes to food and drinks that the Indonesians use to donate to people.” (ARP)

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