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The Reasons Why International Class Is Your Best Choice.

Yogyakarta (16/8) – International classes must be familiar to those of you who choose to continue your education at the university level. This program has become one of the flagships of some of Indonesia’s greatest campuses.

International class programs are sometimes known as the International Undergraduate Program or IUP for short. This unique class is a study program offered by an Indonesian university in collaboration with international partners.
The primary distinction between the international and ordinary classes is the language of instruction. Classes in this study program are taught in English.
International classes are given to help students in Indonesia strengthen their skills. Several advantages can be acquired by participating in this type of learning program, including:

Opportunities to Study Abroad
The international class is made possible by collaboration with universities abroad. This program permits you to attend classes at partner colleges for numerous semesters.

For example, if you take an international class in Government Sciences at Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY), it will be easier for you to perform Student Exchange abroad with campuses that are registered as IGOV UMY campus partners.

Friendship Network Expansion
Students enrolled in international classes are not all from Indonesia. Many international students participate in this program as well. Being in the same class allows you to get to know them and develop friends with them. Aside from being a type of social adaptation, having a large network of acquaintances will be advantageous, for example, while looking for work.

English Language Skills Will Advance
One of the conditions for enrolling in an international class is English language certification. Typically, each university has its own set of minimum standards. This is because English is the language of instruction in this program.
Every day, students enrolled in international classes will be exposed to English. Both professors’ teaching and conversations with international acquaintances According to the adage, ‘learning by doing,’ pupils’ English skills will undoubtedly improve if this is done regularly. (ARP)

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