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The visit to SMAN 1 Sewon was Enthusiastic

Yogyakarta (24/12) – School visits are a routine agenda held by the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) to introduce IGOV UMY to high school/equivalent schools in Indonesia. Activities in collaboration with the UMY Admissions Bureau have visited several schools in areas such as Gunungkidul, Bojonegoro, Solo, Yogyakarta, etc.

This time IGOV UMY visited SMAN 1 Sewon, Yogyakarta to introduce IGOV UMY with the topic Closer to IGOV UMY presented by Adibah Dhivani Gusmi, S.IP., as the team from IGOV. This activity was warmly welcomed by grade 12 students and teachers.

“On this visit, we were warmly welcomed by them and they were very enthusiastic about it,” said Adibah

Students of SMAN 1 Sewon, Yogyakarta were very enthusiastic about listening to the introductory material and gave lots of two-way interactions, and asked questions about IGOV UMY.

“Very enthusiastic, they asked lots of questions and showed their curiosity about IGOV UMY,” said Adibah. (ARP)

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