These are The Documents You Need to Prepare for Making a Passport

Yogyakarta (13/6) – A passport is an official document that is required before traveling overseas for employment or pleasure. Passports often include the owner’s information, such as a photo, signature, birthplace, and date of birth, as well as a passport number.
So, what are the requirements and costs for making an online passport in 2022?
Before applying for a 2022 passport, the public must prepare several documents as requirements, including:
1. Valid National Identity Card (KTP) or a certificate of moving abroad.
2. Family Card (KK).
3. Birth certificate, marriage certificate or marriage book, diploma, or baptism certificate.
4. Indonesian citizenship letter for foreigners who acquire Indonesian citizenship through citizenship or submission of a statement to choose citizenship following the provisions of the legislation.
5. Letter of determination of name change from the authorized official for those who have changed their name.
6. Old ordinary passport for those who already have a regular passport.
7. Recommendation letter from IGOV UMY
For students of IGOV UMY who want to do a student exchange, don’t forget to make your passport and ask the IGOV’s administrative staff for a letter of recommendation to make a passport! (ARP)

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