Three Things New Students Should Do Before start learning in college

Yogyakarta (2/9) – Prospective students begin the shift from high school students to college citizens once the semester begins. Prospective students’ transition also comprises academic, mental, friendly environment, and living environment adaption, especially for those who plan to reside in a boarding home near the university. The transition from high school to college involves both physical and mental preparation to ensure that studies and adaptations go well. Here are some things that students should do before going to college.

1. Learn how to handle your money
Prospective students who will live independently or with their parents must learn to manage their daily finances on their own. When you start college, there are numerous activities available to help you develop your academic competence and skills. If you are unable to discover free options for pupils, consider which activities demand a priority budget.

2.Manage Your Time
If you want to pursue freelance employment while studying for the first semester, make sure you have solid time management and energy management skills. Because it takes time and effort to adjust to lectures, both academically and socially. So, if it’s not critical for you or your family, reconsider accepting a part-time job while working in the first semester.

3. Learn about on-campus student health services.
Various colleges have clinics, hospitals, and counseling services to accommodate students’ physical and emotional health needs. Some are integrated with the medical school and psychology faculty, while others exist on campus as separate units. (ARP)

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