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To strengthen the relationship, IGOV UMY held an iftar dinner with they students

Yogyakarta (8/3) – The International Program of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) has just held a joint iftar dinner held on Saturday, April 8, 2022, in Kampoeng Mataraman, Yogyakarta. This iftar event aims to strengthen the relationship between the UMY IGOV team and their students, this event was attended by the IGOV UMY team and 2018-2021 IGOV UMY students.

In addition to strengthening the friendship between the IGOV team and their students, this event also discussed student evaluations to keep it going, giving motivation to IGOV UMY students by Mas Sakir as the Director of IGOV UMY, and ending the election of the new International Government Student Community (IGSC) chairman. The iftar event, which was attended by the IGOV UMY team and their students, is proof that IGOV UMY cares about their students and as a way to get rid of the old label that says that staff and students are separated.
As said by Mas Sakir at the opening of the iftar event “There is no longer a student who has to be afraid to go to the office, even if he wants to talk to the director or his staff, they are also afraid. Even though no distance limits students, we must also maintain good manners” ( ARP)

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