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Urban Design Public Lecture

Yogyakarta – (7/12). The Government Studies Laboratory (IP Lab) Universitas Muhamamdiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held an online public lecture for its students with the theme “Urban Design”.
The materials in this public lecture was delivered by Nana Firman, a Master of Science in Urban Design from Pratt Institute, New York. Nana Firman brought material entitled”Urban Design in Time of Climate Change”.
According to him, urban governance and the problems in it are still revolving around the community and their environment. “Many urban planning is still being carried out, but mostly don’t pay attention to the environment. Many labor impacts occur due to environmental influences around the planned buildings,” he said.
David Efendi, as the moderator in this public lecture, expressed his opinion that many cities in various countries are the impact of a polluted environment.
Furthermore, in the closing statement, Nana Firman gave motivation to the participants:  “The earth does not only belong to humans, the earth contains animals, plants, and so on. Therefore, we are obliged to respect each other,” he added. (DA)
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