Virtual Student Exchange to Asia University, Taiwan: Stay Enthusiastic Even Online!

Yogyakarta (20/9) – The Student Exchange Program is a mandatory activity that must be carried out by students of the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) which is one of the graduation requirements for IGOV UMY students. In addition, IGOV UMY provides convenience for IGOV UMY students by establishing international campus partners so that students can freely choose which country or campus they want to go to.

In September 2022, there were 3 IGOV UMY students started their teaching and learning activities at Asia University, Taiwan virtually. IGOV UMY students who took part in the Virtual Student Exchange, namely, Awang Rajaprakoso Purnomo IGOVer batch 2020, Anisya Yuli Marzalia IGOVer batch 2020, and Rerry Widyananti IGOVers batch 2020. Although the Student Exchange activities were held virtually, it did not dampen their enthusiasm to remain persistent in participating. the activity.

“Even though I can’t do Student Exchange offline, as a student this is an opportunity that not everyone can get and I will make good use of this opportunity.” Said Rerry Widyananti. (ARP)

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