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Visiting Professor: Financing Electoral Campaigns from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia

Yogyakarta – (2/12). IGOV Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held a visiting professor program again with the theme “Financing Electoral Campaigns”. The visiting professor this time was filled by Dr. Andreas from Germany.
Dr. Andreas said that political finance in Germany is limited and different with SEA. In Indonesia using dysfunction by design, In Singapore using high regulation, in Malaysia using laissez – faire (almost no regulation)
In Germany, the party financing has no limitation, but need transparency. However, in Indonesia (1955), TV ads does not play the massive role; door to door campaign is much more effective. It changes in 1998 (Suharto era) that constructed consciously and tolerated dysfunctionality. After Suharto era, the party’s efforts to finance their-self by campaigns, survey, tv ads, buzzer, spin doctors etc. many regulations nowadays it designed regime to be ineffective “impunity – by consensus”.
In Malaysia (since 2013 elections) 1 MDB with no spending limit for parties. But it refers to vote buying, commodification of party posts, frequent overspending by certain candidate. Compared to Singapore with strict regulation, it is efficiently implemented especially with a view toward limiting the opportunities for opposition.
Most of regulation is ineffective. The reduction of expenses are strong disclosure requirements and effective overnight and enforcement. (DA)

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