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Visiting Professor: Risk Management for the Public Sector by Prof. Martha

Yogyakarta – (21/12). IGOV UMY held a Visiting Professor program with the theme “Risk Management for the Public Sector”. This program was helf online from 11.20 to 13.00 o’clock and was attended by IGOV UMY students.
Prof. Martha as the speaker in the Visiting Professor program discussed risk management, which according to her, is the same as disaster preparedness.
Now, the government needs to focus on Applying the INEE Minimum Standards to Ensure Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) through Education.
Prof. Martha gave an example of the past Tsunami in Aceh. “Actually, the victim of that disaster did not understand/ know how to escape from the emergency situations so they did actions that harm them even more. They recognized that the wave is unusually shallow, but they keep staying instead of leaving the beach”
Hence the question arises. What does the government must do? The answer is simple, government must give a decent training for disaster preparedness through volunteerism by making workshops that involved the introduction of the disaster, the timing,  the strike, the response, the disaster response organization, and then call for action.
In the discussion session, Gumesa asked Prof. Martha, “how do we respond to the citizen who thought that disaster comes after sinful action?,” he said.
Then Prof. Martha answered firmly. “The important thing that what we need to do is to keep updating and educating them about disaster response and preparedness for those who do not understand yet”. (DA)
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