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Visiting Professor Series: by Prof. Dr Nur Syakiran Akmal Ismail

Tuesday (23/11) as the continuation of last meeting (16/11) Dr. Syakiran gave other lectures on social interaction as well as gender mainstreaming in Malaysia. At this session, Mr. Bachtiar as a main lecturers open the session though he is driving away. Then it started a bit late at 14.00.
Dr. Syakiran concern on the evolution of digital landscapes in Southeast Asia. Even, she said that Indonesia and Malaysia got the highest rank for internet usage based on, it is not only for the internet usage, but the social media and mobile users as well. In January 2021, there is another wave for internet usage, which is playing video games. Starting from COVID-19 Pandemic situation, many new gamers are showed up in every country, that’s the facts and it also become the contributors for digital usage in the world. “Even, my son, I have two sons that are communicate each other by playing games” Dr. Syakiran said. “They even never talk to each other at home, but they are very talkative at games platform” added her.
Then, as the second talk, it is on Gender mainstreaming. Actually, Malaysia quite late for realizing the important of women in politics. Hence, the gender mainstreaming is still existed nowadays. “But I think, its not only in Malaysia, every country that has eastern culture such as Asia, and some part of Europe will do the same thing” mentioned Dr. Syakiran. The agenda that run very smoothly is producing several questions on both parts. One of the interesting questions is delivered by Hans. “Miss, may I know about the policy of Malaysian judge for Women becoming an official judge?” ask him. Dr. Syakiran answer that nowadays, women is eligible for being a judge in Malaysia. Then, Dr. Syakiran focused on the gender mainstreaming as a way to legitimate women to run or to have the same power as men in Malaysia. In addition, for giving the same position for women in every occasion. Hopefully. (AD)

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