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Visiting Professor Series: Electoral management in Malaysia by Madam Zalinah binti Ahmad

Tuesday (25/11) it was a second part of the electoral studies topics for visiting professor IGOV held another series for visiting professor program. The class was the same as the latest one since it took part of class activity specially for IGOV students.
This session, Mdm Zalinah start her presentation by showing the rules and regulation for doing an election in Malaysia, precisely for the upcoming general election. Also, Mdm Zalinah mentioned again regarding the massive different between multiparty political system and also single political party. In term of multiparty, is it form as the base of ethnicity and off course, it can be based on region/ states. Not only the one mentioned as the first part, the multiparty also become a part of a coalition, in Malaysia, there are three examples of coalition; Barisan Nasional, Perikatan Nasional, and also Pakatan Harapan. “its quite challenging for making an election if its still pandemic, however, I admire Indonesia for make it happen through the local government election” said Mdm. Zalinah.
The agenda run well by having dynamic discussion from Mdm Zalinah and Dr. Ridho as the lecturer of this course. Dr. Ridho also share on the election in Indonesia and stated that Indonesia nowadays only has 1 opposition which is Partai Keadilan Sejahtera. While the other party is formed a very big coalition. “Though, it has big coalition, it doesn’t mean that every party is agreeing each other policy,” said Dr. Ridho. “we can still find several party who is quarrel each other over interest” Dr. Ridho added. (AD)

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