Visiting Professor, Student Opportunities to Learn from Global Lecturers

Yogyakarta (2/11) – In realizing the vision to become a Governmental Research Excellence In the Asean study program and produce professional Government Science graduates, the Government Science Study Program of the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta(Prodi IP UMY) through the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration UMY (IGOV) UMY) always plays an active role by improving academic quality and services. One of the activities that aim to improve the quality of education in this environment is to invite professors from several foreign universities for various academic activities involving students and lecturers or commonly called the Visiting Professor Program.

Visiting Professor (Guest Lecturer) is one of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta’s (UMY) internationalization programs that aims to present Visiting Lecturers from foreign universities, particularly those that are included in the top 100 QS World University Rankings or have a cooperation agreement with UMY. Two or more Study Programs, either within the same Faculty or across Faculties, can propose the Visiting Professor Program. The Visiting Professor Program results in the publication of research findings with UMY lecturers in reputable/indexed international journals.

To support this, IGOV UMY invited a Visiting Professor from the School of Social Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia, namely, Dr. Muhammad Febriansyah, Ph.D. On this occasion, Dr. Febri will teach 2 classes of IGOV UMY on November 1, 2022, and November 2, 2022, presenting the topic How to Find an Interesting Topic Research in the Qualitative Analysis class led by Dr. Suswanta, M.Si and the Electoral System in Malaysia: Its Implementation and Critical Evaluation in the Electoral Governance class led by Dr. Phil. Ridho Al-Hamdi, MA

In addition to supporting the vision of UMY and UMY IP Study Programs, this program supports students from IGOV UMY to expand their range of knowledge
which will equip IGOV UMY students to become qualified graduates and have a global perspective. As expressed by one of the IGOV UMY students, Salsa Della Guitara “I think this program will help us see the world more broadly and absorb knowledge not only in Yogyakarta and Indonesia but globally. This certainly helps us to prepare when we have to compete in the world of work globally” (ARP)

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