Welcoming Party As IGOV’s Annual Agenda An Event to Welcome Freshman Batch 2021

In order to welcome new IGOV students in 2021, the International Government Students Community (IGSC) held an annual online and offline Welcoming Party with the theme “IGOV Revealing the Harmony of Solidarity, Creativity, and Connectivity” on Friday (01/10).

The opening session was opened directly by an opening speech from Sakir Ridho Wijaya S.IP,. M.IP. and continued with IGOV Introduction session by Fairuz Arta, as a representative from the IGOV Team for a closer introduction with IGOV.
Satrya Dhillan Bagaskara, as the head of the Welcoming Party 2021 event, gave his opinion on this activity. “This activity reminds me of when I first became a new student at IGOV. At that time I was still awkward and not quite sure about my choice at IGOV, but the Welcoming Party indirectly convinced me that my choice at IGOV was the right one. Friendly and responsive environment made me more comfortable here”. “With this activity, the hope is to be able to glued students together so that there is no generation gap and it is a way to maintain communication in an online situation like this,” he added.

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