Why We Must Student Exchange? by Dian Aurelia Pramudita Insani

Yogyakarta (3/2) – A student exchange program, commonly known as a student exchange, is a program in which a student can take part in a study program at a foreign campus for a certain period. Student exchange maybe one of the achievement targets for most students during their lectures, but not many people can make it happen, it takes more than just English language skills and abilities in the process.
This is how Dian Aurelia Pramudita Insani, IGOV Student of the 2020 Force who is currently conducting Student Exchange at Maejo University Thailand. During the Student Exchange she said many new things that she felt, such as the mindset of his people who were different from Indonesians that were obtained from the results of discussion thoughts from their respective countries, there she really got new insights that were not taught at his home university, the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).
According to her, conducting Student Exchange can add new knowledge beyond the studies taken at the original campus, because at the time of doing Student Exchange can take different studies. Although there are differences in the language used, she is happy to be able to do it because from there she can practice her English language skills and increase the confidence to use English. Aurel also added that there is no need to feel restless and afraid to face change, “As human beings we can only choose what God is given, therefore the choice given by God we must be grateful and pray for strength.”
The important thing she feels is to get a sense of being an international program student and can do a Student Exchange that not all students can feel. (ARP)

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