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YSEALI Academic Fellowship for the Students of IGOV UMY’s Leadership Training 

Yogyakarta – Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Academic Fellowship is a highly competitive and prestigious multicultural exchange program in search of new young leaders in South East Asia The program is sponsored by the Education and Cultural Affairs Bureau of the United States. The selected participants from this program will be equipped with leadership training and dive deeper into one of the YSEALI big themes: Civic Engagement, Environmental Issues, Social Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development.
On Sunday (24/10) IGOV UMY partnered with Hanna Nur Afifah–as one of the YSEALI Academic Fellowship members to hold an event of YSEALI Academic Fellowship introduction. Hanna was the keynote speaker who shared her experience as one of the YSEALI Academic Fellowship’s awardees in 2019 via zoom meeting with the IGOV UMY students. This activity aims to help the IGOV UMY students to prepare themselves for participating in the complimentary exchange program.
The program was held warmly and communicatively due to the keynote’s speaker friendliness. Erlangga, one of the participants also expressed his interest in YSEALI, “I am a member of a local community that focused on the society’s development. Though we have a problem because a lot of us are intelligent but unable to deliver our programs to society. Therefore, applying to YSEALI probably would help us to solve the problem,” said him during the QnA session.
“For similar issues like that can be proposed to the Civic Engagement theme. The theme focused specifically on the society so your community project is within its scope,” Hanna responded to Erlangga.
Another IGOV student, Kahla Nazsha, also expressed her enthusiasm for the event, “I personally am very excited to participate in this event today because I can learn how to develop my skills, specifically, in my leadership ability,” said her. (DA)
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