Orientation Days as an Exchange Student in Universiti Sains Malaysia by Fadhila Septiyaning

There are four students named Fadhila (myself), Luthfiyyah, Danny, and Awang that experiences as an exchange student in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) for this semester. At first, we thought that we will be able to go to the USM campus and experience the real thing as an exchange student but Covid-19 pandemic won’t let us. One week before the first day of lecture, we are having an orientation week held by the campus. Basically, that event tried to introduce us about all the university’s culture in USM. Even though, it held through online platform called Webex, but it was quite fun. We get introduced to various cultures in USM such as Malaysian dance, traditional foods, and off course, campus life. Me, personally, having so much fun during the orientation week. I like the fact that I have a lot of friends around the world. Well, we have a friend from Greece and Spain which is amazing.
Anyway, me and my friends still need to adapt more about the system in USM because everything is so new and strange for us. However, the lectures and staffs of USM are super kind. There was time when we confused about the registered courses because we need to choose that thing by ourselves. Meanwhile at IGOV, we never do our self-course registration. However, the experiences valued infinity for me. Well, overall the experiences that we get from the orientation days and pre-orientation days are amazing.

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