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Asia University Summer School Program 100% Free

Yogyakarta (11/4) – Asia University is one of the University Partners International Program of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) located in Taichung, Taiwan. The university’s guiding philosophy is “teaching students to love and respect democracy”. Asia University (AU) is a forward-thinking, pioneering, and rapidly expanding university that was formed to create a great and comprehensive university with international competitiveness. Karl Jaspers, a German philosopher, believed that an ideal university should have three components: academic teaching, scientific research, and creative cultural life, all of which we have been pursuing for years since the school’s inception. AU has exhibited excellence in academic achievement over the last 14 years and has been placed first in various higher education evaluations conducted by the Ministry of Education (MOE).
Right now, IGOV UMY is open for applicants for Summer Program Asia University 2022 and very open to IGOV UMY students Batch 2018-2021. This program is carried out for 2 weeks via online. For the class of 2018 this summer school program is counted as a student exchange to facilitate graduation, besides this program is paid 100% by IGOV UMY as a form of support for students in participating in programs that add experience and new knowledge that is not necessarily obtained in Indonesia. What are we waiting for? Let’s join the summer school program at Asia University!
For more information kindly contact: 081326740022 (official number of IGOV UMY)

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