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Attending the KKN Kaline’s Briefing, Students of IP UMY are Ready to be Deployed to the Field

Yogyakarta – Wednesday (20/10) 52 Students from the Governmental Studies Department IP UMY attended the briefing for KKN (Student Social Service) held by KKN LPM UMY via Zoom Meeting.
The event started from 08.00 until 15.00 Western Indonesian Time and divided to 3 sessions.
The first session started from 08.00 until 10.00 with Mrs. Hasanah Safriyani as the keynote speaker who gave speech about the role and the task of facilitator. “Positive energy will come to us if we believe that we can create a better change. This KKN program is an opportunity for all of us to learn and create a valuable moments to give a better significant changes. Never think that this moment is just a mere formalities,” she stated as she closed the first session.
The second session started from 10.00-12.00 with Mr. Danang Wahyu Muhammad as the keynote speaker who talked about the empowerment of the local people. “During KKN, we must give the local people direction towards empowerment. So we’re not the one who actively working the program, but we show the people how to do it. It will be a pity if the planned programs cannot be executed by the local people once the KKN ends, we need to empower the people during the process,” he stated.
Lastly, the third session started from 13.00-15.00 with Mr. Sutrisno as the keynote speaker. He talked about the process of planning, evaluating,and monitoring the program. “No one plans to fail, but many people failed because they have no plans.” He delivered an idiom before he continued his statement, “one more thing for all of us, don’t be trapped in our wants, but focus on our needs.”
Daffa Aqshal, one of the participants from the Governmental Sciences Department was satisfied with the event. “The event is very helpful in the process of doing the student social service in the future, because the materials delivered at the event was very important,” he stated.
The KKN Briefing was held massively in a conducive manner. The participants understood the materials well. Proven by the communicative responses they gave during the event. (DA)

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