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Breaking News: As per December 20 this Year, the Registration for KIK UMY Batch 2 will be Closed

Yogyakarta – (17/12). The opening of the Creative Idea Competition of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (KIK UMY) Batch 2 has been open since December 8, 2021. Due to the great interest of students to take part in KIK UMY, Batch 2 has been opened.
Student Creative Idea Competition is a competition of writing highly scientific, creative, and innovative proposals and ideas, outlined in the form of short presentations. Organized by the CSIC Division and SEBI Division, the Student and Alumni Development Institute aimed to hone the skills of the high school students and UMY students.
The timeline for KIK UMY Batch 2 Registration is as follows:
1. 8 – 20 December 2021 = Filling in the Google Form which has been prepared by the bit.ly/KIK-UMY-2022 committee as well as an assessment of the form
2. 23 December 2021 = Collection of creative idea review results
3. 23 – 28 December 2021 = PPT creation for short presentations
4. 29 – 31 December 2021 = Presentation via Zoom
5. January 4, 2022 = Announcement of the results of the presentation
6. 4 – 31 January 2022 = Stage 3: Assistance in making proposals (online and offline)
With this kind of competition, it is hoped that students from the Government Studies Department and IGOV UMY will participate to prepare themselves for PKM 2022. (DA)

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