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Building Partnerships, UMY became the Host of the 2021 MPR Public Relations Meeting Agenda

Yogyakarta – (7/12). Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) became the host of the 2021 MPR Public Relations Workshop agenda in the “Menyapa Sahabat Kebangsaan” program. This agenda is open to UMY students with a maximum quota of 50 face-to-face participants as well as online participants.
The agenda for the 2021 MPR Public Relations Meeting during this program is hoped to
 give a positive contribution to all parties involved so that they can get to know the MPR more closely. This agenda aims to introduce the MPR from its history, institutional structure, and reminding the role of youth to jointly realize the MPR’s vision as the National House, Guardians of the Pancasila Ideology and People’s Sovereignty.
Budi Muliawan, as the first speaker, presented material related to the role of youth in social media. He linked the relationship between youth and social media, according to him, technological sophistication resulted in many hoaxes appearing. In addition, the level of trust in the media is decreasing every year due to the number of hoaxes appearing. “As sophisticated as technology is, we must be smart in filtering news,” he said.
The second session, presented by Ridho Al-Hamdi who gave a material about the national role of young people in Indonesia. He said that there are a lot of diversity in Indonesian youth, both in terms of ethnicity, race, language and so on. “The analogy in diversity is like when we play music, not everyone is a vocalist, not everyone is a guitarist, everyone has to be different in order to fill the void that exists. that is beautiful, the same as the diversity of youth in Indonesia,” he said.
In addition, Ridho Al-Hamdi also said that the importance of the role of youth in politics. According to him, the urgency of political education for youth is needed because of the even distribution of youth in Indonesia at every democratic moment,” he said.
Before the event was closed, a group photo was taken with the participants, followed by the handing of awards between UMY and the MPR. (DA)
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