Carry Out Mbangun Desain Program, The Director of IGOV UMY provides training and assistance in the preparation of BUMDES partner legal entities

Yogyakarta (24/9) – Village Owned Enterprises (BUM Desa) as legal entities are important in supporting the acceleration of rural social and economic development. This is because BUM Desa which already has the status of a legal entity will be more flexible in developing its business, especially the flexibility to collaborate with several partners in business development.

The UMY Village Development Team (in) to strengthen the BUM Desa institution, providing training and assistance in the preparation of legal entities to BUM partners in Katon Margo Village, Sembada, Margokaton Village, and Sleman Regency. The implementation of this activity is based on the results of the identification of problems with partners in the field of management who do not yet have legal status.

“BUM Desa that already has a legal entity will have the flexibility to collaborate with several partners, the results of our problem identification show that BUM Desa Katon Margo Sembada does not yet have a legal entity. Therefore, we carry out assistance in managing BUM Desa with legal entities to our partners “Sakir Ridho Wijaya the Head of the UMY Village Development Team explained, Saturday (24/09)

The facilitation provided is in the form of strengthening understanding of BUM Desa institutional governance and managing legal entity certificates. So that the BUMDes of Katon Margo Sembada Village had the opportunity to have a dialogue and consult on several problems experienced in the management of BUM Desa and the preparation of legal entities.

In addition to assisting the management of BUM Desa as a legal entity, the Village Development Team(in) also focuses on helping to strengthen the village economy through the establishment of the shoppingdesa.id application. This application will later function as a digital market for Kalurahan Margokaton which is managed directly by BUM Desa to strengthen business units and MSME products. To strengthen the digitalization, BUM Desa digital branding assistance was also provided in the form of logo creation, mascots, and social media management.

Responding to the activity, Irdhon as Carik Kalurahan Margokaton positively welcomed the training and assistance in managing the legal entity status of BUM Desa in his village/sub-district. Irdhon hopes that with this assistance, BUM Desa Margo Katon Sembada will soon be certified as a legal entity so that it can optimize the marketing of BUM Desa products through the shoppingdesa.id application which was also formed by the UMY Village Development Team.

“We are very facilitated by the implementation of this program, especially in the preparation of complete requirements. So hopefully BUM Desa will be certified soon and can develop,” said Irdhon, in his interview after the mentoring session at the Alana Malioboro Hotel.

This activity is a sub-part of a series of Village Development (in) programs in strengthening the village’s digital economy through increasing management capacity and digitizing BUM Desa-UMKM in the 4.0 era. The next step in the Mbangun Desa(in) program is to digitize the products of BUM Desa Katon Margo Sembada and MSMEs through the shoppingdesa.id application; and actively involve Independent Learning Students-Independent Campus (MBKM) to contribute to solving several problems faced by BUM Desa. (SIP)

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