Felicidades! One of the IGOV Student Became the Chairman of the KOMAP UMY

Yogyakarta (9/12) – Government Science Student Corps (KOMAP) held an offline conoration on Wednesday (7/12). This conoration was held in the Postgraduate Seminar Room at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) and conorated by the Head of the UMY Government Science Study Program (Prodi IP), Dr. Tunjung Sulaksono, S.IP., M.Si.


On this occasion, Mr. Tunjung appreciated the hard work of the new management who had struggled from the selection process to being officially sworn in today. Not forgetting, he also expressed his gratitude to the previous period of UMY’s KOMAP management who had contributed to helping the UMY IP Study Program to become better.

However, something was interesting about the conoration of KOMAP 2022/2023, the inauguration of a new chairperson came from the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) UMY, Satrya Dhillan Bagaskara, one of the batch 2020 students.

The student who is often called Dhillan has been a member of KOMAP UMY since semester 1 and has made many contributions to advancing KOMAP UMY such as becoming a member of the advocacy study division in the 2020/2021 period followed by becoming the head of the advocacy study division in the 2021/2022 period and taking part in in the event division for Masa Taaruf IP UMY.


Of course, this achievement deserves to be appreciated apart from developing potential and advancing KOMAP UMY it can bring a good image of IGOV UMY in eliminating exclusivity that is often seen by other students.

“I hope that other IGOV UMY friends can take part in maintaining the good name of IGOV UMY by making achievements starting from the campus environment”

Apart from that, this shows that UMY IGOV students have contributed to making achievements, not only on the international stage but in small things like in the campus environment. (ARP)

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