“Hello Research” Program Debut, IGOV UMY Student Gave Enthusiastic Responses

Yogyakarta – Thursday (21/10). The Hello Research Program finally debuted officially for the first time in IGOV UMY. This event was held at the Tutorial 1 Room of the Post-Graduate Building of UMY and was participated by several students from the 2020 batch of IGOV UMY.
The Hello Research program has an aim to help and facilitate IGOV students in writing the final thesis, journal articles, and many other scientific research writings. The event initially started with an introduction to the program and discussed the main material a little. The output of this program is a scientific journal publication by the students of IGOV UMY.
The students of IGOV batch 2020 responded to the Hello Research program enthusiastically. The material was presented by Fairuz Arta, the head of the Hello Research Program, and was responded actively and communicatively by the participants. The participants think that this program is really needed due to their cluelessness in the field of scientific research writing.
Fadhila, a participant from batch 2020 asked a question to Fairuz Arta, “I personally have not had the understanding of scientific research writing, I wonder if that’s okay?.” Fairuz then answered her, “That is exactly the reason why this program exists for all of you, it is okay if you haven’t had the understanding. We all can learn, it is never too late to learn.”


Another participant from the same batch, Satrya Dhillan Bagaskara gave his opinion about this program. “In my opinion, this program can open my knowledge in the world of writings and scientific journals, both national and international. I hope the work under my name can be cited by someone after I publish my article in a journal,” he said. (DA)
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