IGOV English Booster Goes to Bromo!

Yogyakarta (24/8) – IGOV English Booster is a program organized by the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) which has already ended. The program starts on 24 July 2022 and ends on 23 August 2022 at the Elfast English Course, Pare.

Of course, IGOV UMY not only provides facilities for participants to learn English at Kampung English Pare, but IGOV UMY also provides entertainment facilities where IGOV English Booster participants are facilitated to do a Midnight Tour to Bromo National Park as a form of appreciation for having followed the program well. and provide progressive improvement capabilities.


“The tour to Bromo National Park can refresh the minds of the IGOV English Booster participants which have been forged for a month to deepen their ability in English. In addition, this tour is a form of appreciation for having followed the program well and providing amazing progressives” Said Awang Rajaprakoso Purnomo as the Person in Charge (PIC) of the IGOV English Booster Program. (ARP)

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