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IGOV UMY Giving THR for IGOVers!

Yogyakarta (26/4) – Hari Raya allowance (THR) is one of the things that workers look forward to ahead of Eid al-Fitr. The company is obliged to pay this non-wage income to workers/ laborers ahead of religious holidays in Indonesia. The THR discussion has become a hot topic that has no end to be discussed, one of which is the long history that accompanies it.
The history of THR began in Indonesia in 1951. The term THR was introduced by the Prime Minister of Masyumi, Soekiman Wirjosandjojo, as well as the chairman of the cabinet in power at that time, the Sukiman Suwirjo Cabinet. One of the work programs carried out by this cabinet to improve the welfare of employees and state apparatus (pamong pradja or civil servants) is allowances.
Therefore, the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration of the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) did not miss giving THR to IGOVers, IGOV UMY gave t-shirts, tote bags, polo, and Tumblr to IGOVers who were lucky to get THR from IGOV UMY.
Congratulations to the people who won THR from IGOV
1. @febrianaandiani
2. @ayu.c.mngtyas.7
3. @anjas.ap_
4. @iamdinu
The winner who gets THR from IGOV UMY will be DM by MinGov. (ARP)

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