IGOV UMY Supports Organizing the Basic Test of Soccer and Physical Fitness SSB HW UMY

Yogyakarta (8/8) – The development of modern football has been integrated with sports science, meaning that today’s football must be measured with various scientific approaches to determine the ability of a player from the basic technical aspects of football to physical fitness. Following this development, SSB HW UMY conducted an evaluation test which was carried out on the UMY football field (07/08).

This activity is routinely held every year, this is done to provide report cards or evaluation results to students to be more enthusiastic in practicing, while for coaches as material to improve certain parts that are lacking from the players being trained. “The results of the basic technical and fitness tests will later produce report cards for students. This is a positive process because every year the guardian will see whether or not there is a development of the child,” said Heri Marjiyo as head coach at SSB HW UMY.

The series of tests for the report cards that have been routinely carried out also received a good response from the guardians. “We see many children whose fitness test scores have increased from last year’s test, this shows that in one year the children experience physical improvement,” said Imam, one of the guardians in the 12-year age group.
The sports science approach carried out by SSB HW UMY received appreciation from the chairman of PS HW Yogyakarta Muhammad Barori to continue as part of Muhammadiyah’s contribution to football development. “This sport science-based early childhood football development model is part of da’wah through football and Muhammadiyah’s contribution to the development of early childhood football,” concluded Muhammad Barori.

The implementation of this activity cannot be separated from the various supporting parties, including the UMY Communication Studies Program and the UMY International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV). (ARP)

Source: https://ashw.umy.ac.id/semakin-maju-ssb-hw-umy-gelar-tes-dasar-sepakbola-dan-kebugaran-fisik/

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