Personal Branding Workshop for IGOV at UMY

On Saturday, November 11 2023, Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY) held an excellence-based personal branding workshop for the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV). The main speaker in this activity was Virpi Pakarinen, who came from the University of Eastern Finland. The event starts at 07.00 and lasts until 10.30 am.

The workshop was attended by a total of 22 students, consisting of 8 IGOV students and 14 regular government science students. During the first two hours, Virpi delivered informative material on how to build personal branding with a focus on the advantages of IGOV. The question and answer session continued for one and a half hours, where three IGOV students asked interesting questions related to the topic.

The event ended with an atmosphere full of enthusiasm when all participants took photos together, reflecting the success and enthusiasm inspired by this workshop. The opportunity to learn directly from Virpi Pakarinen provided new insights for IGOV and regular government science students at UMY in understanding the importance of personal branding to strengthen self-image and the excellence of the study program.

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