PK-KM Activities Held, UMY IP Students Enthusiastically Take the Opportunity

Yogyakarta (23/9) – One of the Competition Program programs – Independent Campus (PK-KM) with the Research-Based Apprenticeship and Serving Student Scheme was officially implemented by the Government Science Study Program (IP) of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta. The scheme provides opportunities for students to conduct research in government agencies that are partners for internships and community service to develop villages in several areas in Sleman Regency.

This PK-KM activity with a research-based internship scheme and dedicated students can be a substitute for courses that must be taken. The equivalence of Semester Credit Units (SKS) of this activity is calculated based on the implementation time as well as the contributions and roles of students as evidenced in activities under the coordination of the accompanying lecturers. The range of credits that students can get in this whole activity is 20 credits.

Seeing the opportunities that can be obtained, students of IP Study Program UMY enthusiastically take the opportunity to take part in the PK-KM program with a research-based internship scheme and students serve. This can be seen from the large number of student proposals submitted as a condition to join this program.

“Since registration opened on September 14, a total of 21 student proposals have been submitted including serving students and research-based internships. We are still accepting proposals until September 20, 2022. During the acceptance of proposals, we open opportunities to accompany student proposal writing,” said PIC-Based Internship Research, Satria Iman Prasetyo, Thursday (15/9)

Satria added that incoming proposals will be first selected according to the quota scheme chosen by students. It is known that the quota for the research-based internship scheme is 10 students while serving students are 6 groups. Students with the best proposals are entitled to participate in a series of activities and are entitled to several benefits including credit conversion. This was confirmed by Vicky Alfitra Perdana as PIC of Serving Students.

“That’s right, the student with the best proposal has the right to take part in the activity for four months according to the scheme chosen by the student, and is entitled to get funding for activity accommodation. And the most important thing is that all activities are converted to 20 credits,” added Vicky who was met at the UMY Postgraduate Building.

In the same place, one of the students expressed his enthusiasm for participating in this PK-KM activity as a forum to add experience and develop scientific capacity outside the scope of the campus.

“Initially, I was insecure because I saw that other participants had research experience and community empowerment. But if you don’t try to participate in this activity, you are wasting the opportunity to learn more,” said Nindya Tiara Fatikha, a student who proposed to join the PK-KM program with the scheme Serving Student. (ARP)

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