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Socialization of Student Competency Development: IGOVers 2019 Gives Positive Responses

Yogyakarta, (4/10). IGOV held an online socialization via zoom again with students batch 2019 to discuss several programs at IGOV including student exchange.
Sakir Ridho Wijaya S.IP,. M.IP. as a Director of IGOV opened the session then present IGOV programs for 2021/2022. The purpose of this socialization was the engagement between students and teams as well as offering batch 2019 to apply the exchange program. The response given by participants was conducive and responsive.
Fairuz Arta as a IGOV team hopes “by this activity, I hope students can get closer and feel comfortable without having to be afraid. In addition, with the information about exchange program for IGOV batch 2019 are expected to help their confusion”.

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