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New Year New Resolutions!

Yogyakarta (30/12) – Just counting the days until the year changes, of course, there will be new resolutions that must be made to achieve dreams or goals within a certain period. As explained in the book Melawan Miskin Pikiran 2 Karya Hasanudin Abdurakhman (2018), resolutions are dreams, hopes, or aspirations that one wants to achieve within a certain period. Not just an intention, the resolution also requires action so that the goal can be achieved.

Therefore, several resolution references can be an idea for you. Some of these ideas are:

1. Better time management
If last year you felt you weren’t good at managing your time, this year you need to pay more attention to time management. The trick is to record what activities will be carried out. Next, use the daily schedule that has been recorded which is equipped with a to-do list.

2. Can minimize expenses

Keeping track of expenses can also be a good resolution this year. Especially for friends who like to spend money on snacks and hanging out after school or college. Minimizing expenses can later be used for useful things.

3. Many do positive activities

Starting 2023 can be done by finding a new, more useful hobby. For example, cooking, gardening, learning foreign languages or also learning music, and other hobbies that suit the personality of all IGOVers.

4. Stop procrastinating

If in the previous year your friends still like to postpone work, then make sure this year you don’t do it anymore. Friends can start by writing down a to-do list and making a priority scale so that work can be done on time.

5. Sports

If in 2021 friends rarely exercise, then in the new year sports will be a resolution that can be done. The benefit of exercise is to increase the body’s immunity. Friends, you can start with sports such as walking for at least 30 minutes per day or exercising yourself at home following the videos on the YouTube channel.

6. Read a lot of books

Book reading activity is a good resolution also for students and students. Reporting to the LP2M page of the University of Medan Area, there are many benefits of reading books, including reducing stress, adding insight and new knowledge, improving memory quality, being able to stimulate mentally, increasing concentration, broadening one’s thinking, and so on.

So, those are some ideas from MinGov for your resolutions for 2023. Hope this is useful! (ARP)