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The Excitement of IGOV 2020 Students with the Digital Creative Team

Yogyakarta – (17/11). The students of IGOV batch 2020 along with the Digital Creative Team of IGOV created social media content at the complex of the Pascasarjana building of UMY.
The collaboration between the Digital Creative team and the IGOV students was one of the efforts to create interactive activities for IGOV UMY. This is also the basis of creating a good communication building between the student and the staff.
Aditya, one of the IGOV students mentioned his interest in the content creating activity with the Digital Creative team. “I have been participating several times in the IGOV’s social media content creating. As one of the students, I feel proud for taking a part in the IGOV’s contents, it is an achievement for me,” he stated. He also mentioned that the content of the IGOV Digital Creative team is very fun to make with. “I love creating social media content, there are many fun activities like quizzes and games,” he added.
Foltama, the coordinator of the Digital Creative team of IGOV mentioned the meaning of the activity. “The content-making that involves the students is one of the efforts to create an interactive social media account of IGOV UMY. According to our analysis, lack of interaction between the students and the department is one of the obstacles in the academic world. Creating content together can be one of the ways to resolve that problem,” he stated
Moreover, making students participate in the IGOV’s social media content is also another strategy to increase post engagement on social media.
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