To Get Rid of Boredom, IGOVers Hold Paper Assistance Outside the Campus

Yogyakarta (21/6) – In this day and age, teaching and learning activities no longer need to use the conventional style that requires entering the classroom, to refresh the brain and relieve boredom, teaching and learning activities can be done anywhere such as in cafes or other hangout places. As just done by students of the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration of the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta(IGOV UMY) batch 2020, they consulted with Mas Bubu as a lecturer assistant to work on the final project for the civil society course on (20/6) at Lunaria Coffee, Yogyakarta.
This activity was carried out for Assistance in Writing Academic Papers for IGOV Students for Civil Society Class which will be used as the final project in the course. Therefore, students need seriousness and sincerity in the assignment of academic writing. In addition, the holding of this mentoring is done to supervise and open direct discussions to make it easier for students in the process of making final assignments.
“It’s fun to have mentoring outside of class like this, it doesn’t make you bored and you can be closed because you can joke. Besides that, we are also helped because if there is something wrong or confused, you can immediately ask that,” said Moch. Noerizza Triananta is one of the IGOVers who participated in the mentoring of the final project. (ARP)

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