Towards Competent IP, UMY IP Lecturers Participate in Competency Assessor Training

Yogyakarta (3/8) – Rapid population growth compels humanity to adapt by acquiring new skills. This is one of the company’s survival tactics in the face of intense competition in the labor market. Taking into account this demographic truce, UMY strives to accommodate its students as prospective future generations of the workforce so that they have more to offer in the future conflicts of the world of labor. Article 8 paragraph 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Number 6 of 2022 regarding Diplomas, Competency Certifications, Professional Certificates, Degrees and Equivalence of Diplomas of Other State Universities states that “competency certification issued by tertiary institutions cooperates with (1) professional organizations, (2) training institutions, (3) accredited certification bodies.”

Officially formed under the jurisdiction of the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) to provide competency certification for UMY students under the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards, UMY has a Professional Certification Institute (LSP) (SKKNI). Additionally, LSP UMY assists the present deployment of competency assessor candidate training. On Monday (1/8) at the @K Hotel in Kaliurang, Miftakul Azis, Deputy Chairperson of the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP), led competency assessor candidate training attended by ninety individuals.

As one of the study programs with a competency certification scheme at LSP UMY, UMY Government (IP UMY) Science is becoming increasingly advanced thanks to the participation of several lecturers from the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY), an international program for IP UMY. Prof. Dr. Dyah Mutiarin, S.IP., M.Sc., Dr. Suranto, M. Pol., M. Si, Dr. Suswanta, M.Si, Dr. Tunjung Sulaksono, S.IP., M.Si, Sakir Ridho Wijaya, S.IP., M.IP., and Muhammad Eko Atmojo, S.IP., M.IP. all participated The establishment of assessor training by LSP UMY was prompted by the significance of competency assessors’ contribution to the infrastructure for competency certification. (ARP)

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