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Visiting Professor: Job Analysis in the Public Sector

Yogyakarta (30/3) – Visiting Professor of International Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY), Assoc. Dr. Rozita Abdul Mutalib held a class discussing Job Analysis at the Public Sector Assoc. Dr. Rozita Abdul Mutalib explains the difference in job titles so that people’s perspectives don’t look down on a job.

Furthermore, Dr. Rozita explains the competencies that are needed in all professional fields. Dr. Rozita also explained the Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) in Malaysia, she explained that there is intervention but it is better first, especially in the current digitalization era. Digitization in Malay is quite good because every country in Malaysia can use the internet perfectly. Of course, something happened between Indonesia and Malaysia, as stated by Mr. Awang Darumurti, S.IP., M.Sc. a lecturer from IGOV UMY who accompanied Dr. Rozita, she explained that the PAQ in Indonesia has been running but there is a lot of political intervention in the regional government (ARP)

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