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Visiting Professor: Presidential Elections and the Effect it has in Indonesia and Philippines. 

Yogyakarta – (18/11). The Visiting Professor of IGOV UMY, Dr. Andreas Ufen carried out a class that discussed the Presidential Elections and their Effects on Indonesia and the Philippines.
Dr. Andreas Ufen said that there are different types of political systems in the presidential governmental system. There are some characteristics where the president is chosen by the people directly through general elections.
Furthermore, Dr. Andreas Ufen delivered about the difference between the effects of Presidential Elections  Indonesia and in the Philippines.
Here are the differences stated with bullet points:
– Accelerated the rise of campaign expenses and strengthened the business.
– Political parties are more dealigned from the grassroots
– Personalization (rise of outsiders, increasing interest of voters in personality traits of politician)
– Rise of populism
– Intensified polarization involving civil society
– Dealigned parties; the rising of campaign costs.
– Dominance of clans or families.
– President is much stronger than the House of Representatives.
– Specific: pork barrel, term limit, and very weak political parties
– The rising of populism.
– The presidential is personalized and clan-based.
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