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what can you do if your accreditation is “unggul”?

Yogyakarta (18/5) – Accreditation is an acknowledgment of an educational institution granted by BAN-PT after it is assessed that the institution meets certain standard requirements or criteria. So if your study program has a good accreditation, You can guarantee that the study program is of good quality.
1. Don’t be afraid if your study program has bad quality
Don’t worry, MinGov can guarantee if your study program has a “unique” accreditation they have a good quality
2. not as effective as the “your friend in the company way”, but can be pitted
If you want to work for a private firm or a government agency, verifiers value accreditation since it helps them maintain the quality of their personnel. good isn’t it?
3. Work hard, play hard
Indirectly you will get used to a good education and having a background with high educational standards.
4. Softskill secured
Universities that have been approved and accredited by BAN-PT can be confident in the quality of their education. Before graduating, students are usually prepared and trained in such a way that they can compete in the workplace.
IGOV UMY achieved the highest accreditation with first-class honor (Unggul) by BAN-PT and got the bachelor of government science study program certified by AUN-QA 2021. So you don’t need to hesitate to join IGOV UMY, because IGOV UMY has been accredited as “unggul” and the quality is guaranteed by the government. (ARP)

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