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Participants of the IGoPSS 3rd Outing to Borobudur Temple are Enthusiastic!

Yogyakarta (17/7) – 3rd International Government and Politics Summer School (3rd IGoPSS) have just held an Outing event at Borobudur Temple on Sunday, July 17, 2022. The Outing event was carried out in a Hybrid and was guided by Buddies and tour guides from the Borobudur Temple management. The Outing event to Borobudur Temple aims to introduce that in Indonesia, although the majority of the people are Muslim, Indonesia still upholds tolerance with evidence of one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world.

In addition to introducing culture or tourism objects around the Special Region of Yogyakarta, the holding of the Outing event aims to refresh the minds of the participants who have been given material about the government system in Indonesia such as Open Government, Introduction to Urban Governance Concepts, and Urban Governance in Indonesia. Although the initial goal of the participants was to learn, it must also be accompanied by teaching and learning activities outside the classroom so that it is not boring.

The participants were very enthusiastic about the outing event because the participants who took part in the outing directly really liked the teaching and learning activities outside the classroom which took place in the open, in addition to their culture of walking, they enjoyed the outing. Even though they have to adapt to the weather differences between their home country and Indonesia, they still enjoy the outing, because some participants come from countries that have 4 kinds of weather. “The weather in Indonesia is very different from my home country, it’s very hot here, different from my country where the weather is cold, even up to -5 degrees. However, I still enjoyed the outing because I learned a lot of new things about the history of Borobudur Temple,” said Usama Shehzad, a participant from Bradford, England.

Furthermore, with the Outing event, it is hoped that the participants can maintain their enthusiasm for the 3rd IGoPSS event so that they can continue to exchange information and gain knowledge about differences and different perspectives from their home countries. “We hope that with the Outing event, the participants can know the differences in culture and hospitality of Indonesians and can refresh the minds of the 3rd IGoPSS participants so that they continue to maintain their enthusiasm in gaining knowledge at the event,” said Fadhila Septiyaning as Buddies who guided the participants of the event. (ARP)


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